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Professional design services including photo awning design.


Recover of existing frames


Professional design and installation of canopies for businesses and residences including patio canopies, window awnings, entrance canopies, pool cabanas, and much more


Unique designs on your awnings and canopies such as your logo or zebra stripes or almost anything you can imagine.


STRAUSS AWNINGS CLEANING SERVICES: With time and use the original repellency treatment of an awning is diminished, making periodic cleaning and retreatment necessary. The key to keeping your outdoor fabric looking great and extending its life is periodic professional cleaning followed by repellency re-treatment.


Optimum cleaning for a vinyl awning means cleaning and sealing four times a year. For other fabric awnings, it varies from one to three times a year.


Mildew will not grow on the fabric itself, because there is nothing to support its growth. But, dirt and acid rain provide a bed for mildew. Once you develop a problem, you have to use harsh cleaners and it's a much tougher job to get the fabric clean. Waiting until your fabric is dirty and stained can diminish the life of your fabric.


We offer cleaning and sealing products approved for outdoor fabrics for the "do-it-yourself " projects or we'll be glad to price cleaning your awnings professionally with our Cleaning Services.